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  • Physicians need a way of collecting longitudinal objective data about patient’s physical function between clinic visits to drive clinical decision making.

  • Through the NIH customer discovery program, we also learned that existing technologies impose unacceptable technical burden on patients, doctors and clinics making then unsuitable for routine clinical care.

  • To meet this need, we are developing the VERABAND™, the first burden-free, single-use wearable that provides a simple clinical summary containing objective evidence of the changes in burden a patient is experiencing due to their chronic pain treatment regime.


Key milestones

  • Patents and Trademark Filed (2021) 

  • FDA Pre-submission Meeting (2022)

  • Completed Initial Prototypes & proof of concept (2022)

  • Human Factors Study (2022)

  • Competitor Equivalence Study (May-June 2023)

  • 510(k) Submission (July 2023)

  • 3-year Useability Study (2024 - 2026)

  • Production to Volume Ramp-up (2024 - 2026)

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